Nightscape Press

The Coming

A Novel by Bryan Hall

Coming soon from Nightscape Press…

Ashton, North Carolina is home to that quaint small town charm most people only know from television. But the quiet serenity is swallowed by darkness when an evil few have seen or even believe in comes to town; a sudden plague of demonic possessions slowly turning residents into living nightmares.

Trent owns a small trailer park in the mountains where he lives content and happy with his family. But when things in the trailer park take a disturbing turn, it’s only the beginning of a weekend filled with unspeakable evil. All the tenants turn out their lights for no reason leading to the arrest of a man obviously not himself. Trent’s wife becomes possessed and vanishes into the wilderness. And when the time comes, Trent will face a terrible decision no one should have to make.

Sheriff Brady is a widower who can’t seem to let go. When calls trickle in about missing residents and town folk behaving strangely, his first assumption is crystal meth. But he’ll quickly learn the far more horrifying truth when he confronts the most dark and terrifying thing of his life.

The Coming brings the lives of these two men together as they face the demons ravaging their town, their minds, and the hidden depths of their very souls. Can the small Appalachian town of Ashton be saved?