Nightscape Press


Nightscape Press – “To provide readers with high quality speculative fiction novels, novellas, and anthologies while going above and beyond to promote and nurture our greatest resources, the author and their work.”

Nightscape Press was established in 2012 by Robert S. Wilson and Mark C. Scioneaux, following on the heels of their smash hit anthology, . Throughout the process of handling hundreds of submissions from award-winning authors and budding writers, Robert and Mark naturally took to the hard work that goes into producing a quality product and have brought that same work ethic and focus on quality to Nightscape Press.

Teaming up with Jennifer Wilson, the trio strives to publish novels, novellas, and anthologies of the highest standard to please both the reader and the author. Through in-depth editing, author development, creative consulting, and proofreading, the Nightscape Press team will work hard for the author, adding just the right polish and care to help the talent shine and reach the eyes of readers.

The Team:

Robert S. Wilson: Owner and Editor in Chief

Jennifer M. Wilson: Owner and Production Manager


       Robert S. Wilson was born in Bloomington, Indiana during the blizzard of ’78. His first taste for horror came from watching episodes of The Twilight Zone and the stories his mother told him of a supposedly haunted house his family once lived in.

He is the author of Shining in Crimson, book one of his dystopian vampire series: Empire of Blood. His novella, The Quiet, appeared in the anthology Not in the Brochure: Stories of a Disappointing Apocalypse. He is currently working on book two of the Empire of Blood series and is co-editing the anthology, .

Robert lives in Middle Tennessee with his wife and son and spends most of his time wondering where all the time went.

       Jennifer M. Wilson is director of proofreading for Nightscape Press. Having been through eight years of Advanced/Honors English coursework, she has a sharp eye for grammatical detail and takes a solid critical approach to style and the mechanics of prose when proofreading.

Jennifer is a lover of music and a voracious reader across many genres with a high standard of taste. She works as a transcriptionist and has nearly completed her undergraduate degree in Biology, with the ambition of pursing work in genetic research. She lives in Middle Tennessee with her husband, son, and German Shepherd.

Praise for Nightscape Press:

“Nightscape Press is a very professional group, with good taste and keen eyes. They’re also one of the nicest groups of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.” — Trent Zelazny

“Nightscape Press is currently blazing a different trail and I believe they will be leading the small-press industry in the very near future.” — Peter N. Dudar