Nightscape Press


Nightscape Press is currently closed to submissions. Please check this page periodically as we will post when our next open submission period will be.  The guidelines below will apply when we reopen.

Nightscape Press is seeking quality book length works of at least 50,000 words or more only (40,000 or more for young adult) including novels, short novels, and short story/novella collections.


Genres we are looking for include: Science fiction, fantasy, and horror, including most subgenres of these (noir, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, grimdark, hard sf, cyberpunk, steampunk, etc.).

We are NOT interested in erotica or graphic novels.

We are NOT accepting submissions for works shorter than 50,000 words (40,000 for young adult).


Submission guidelines: Submissions should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12, and sent as Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) or rich text format (.rtf) attachment.

All files should be named using the genre, title of the work, followed by the author name, and the word count. For example:

Adult Fantasy_Shining in Crimson_Robert Wilson_79445

Or Young Adult Horror_Dark Art_Tim Waggoner_40890

The subject line of the email should be as follows: Genre (including adult or YA)_Submission Type: Title. For example:

Adult Fantasy_Novel: Shining in Crimson

Or  Young Adult Horror_Collection: Boogety Boo: Stories of Young Adult Horror

For sub genres just use main genre. For instance if you’re submitting a Cyberpunk novel just use the Science Fiction genre like so: Adult Science Fiction_Novel: MindCore

Send the entire manuscript (as an attachment to your e-mail) to submissions at (remove spaces and replace “at” with “@”) and remember to put your full name and contact information on the first page of the submission and in your email. This will help us get back with you much faster.

In the body of your e-mail include a brief synopsis of your work (150 words or less). DO NOT give away the ending or any major spoilers about the work submitted. We are readers and we want to see your submission through the same eyes as someone who picked up your book for the first time. We do not want to know how your book ends before we read it.

Submissions that fail to meet these requirements will be discarded without being read. A professional writer is one who follows the rules, so please follow these guidelines closely.

In addition, we don’t always have time to respond personally to each submission. We do when we can, but don’t always expect a detailed response. If we are interested in publishing your work, we will contact you within 3 months of receiving the full manuscript. (We maintain an up-to-date database, however, and you are always free to query regarding the status of your submission starting 90 days after submitting your full manuscript.) Simultaneous submissions to other publishers are acceptable, but you must make us aware of this in your e-mail and keep us apprised of any changes in your submission’s status.

We are looking for original novels only and primarily first publication (story collections with reprints are acceptable). At this time we will only consider previously published novels through an agent.


Return time: Decisions concerning acceptance or rejection will be made within a reasonable time by e-mail. If you have not heard from us after 3 months, query via e-mail at: submissions at (remove spaces and replace “at” with “@”).


Payment: Nightscape Press is excited to now be able to offer advances to authors and will also pay out monthly royalties on a tiered system once an advance is covered.


Book Format and Accessibility: Books will be printed in quality POD (print on demand) format. This means they WILL be available through online retailers such as, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, etc. We will also actively seek reviews and promote our authors’ titles to the best of our abilities.