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The patchwork House
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The Patchwork House

A Novel by Richard Salter

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How do you escape an entity who can manipulate time itself?

Accompanied by his American girlfriend Beth, British ex-pat James Randal has come home to assess his father’s latest real estate venture. The house at Binsham Park is an enigma of patchwork architecture from various eras, nestled in the remote Herefordshire countryside.

And it is haunted.

The ghosts of Binsham Park have never harmed anyone before, and the chance to stay the weekend in a real life haunted house is too great to pass up. Having invited James’s old school friend Derek and his wife Chloe to join them, both couples prepare for two days of ghostly adventure and excitement.

But something is waiting for them inside The Patchwork House. Something so powerful it can move pieces of the house back and forth through time at will. Something so malicious it will tear apart reality to isolate and torment its victims. Something so terrifying it will push James and his friends beyond the limits of sanity.

When time yields to the will of something truly evil, you’re in for the longest night of your life…