Nightscape Press


What types of work does Nightscape Press accept?

Subject matter must be horror, science fiction with a strong horror element, or fantasy with a strong horror element.  We are currently not open to science fiction or fantasy without a strong horror element, but that may change as time progresses. We are seeking concepts and stories of the highest quality, both in originality and writing. Themes such as extreme violence, sex, and gratuitous language are allowed, but must pertain to the story; not just thrown in for filler and shock value. Our novels and novellas will be sold in print as well as digital format.

Throughout the year, Nightscape Press will hold open submissions for anthologies. The same rules pertaining to novels/novellas will apply, with more detailed guidelines provided when an anthology is announced. Nightscape Press will publish one to two anthologies a year.


What are your submission length requirements?

 Nightscape Press publishes novellas (15,000-50,000 words) and novels (50,000-120,000 words).


What is Nightscape Press’s submission process?

Submissions should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12, and sent as Microsoft Word (.doc) or rich text format (.rtf) attachment. No .DOCX, please.

Send to:

All files should be named using the title of the work, followed by the author name, and the word count.

For example:

 Shining in Crimson_Robert Wilson_79445

The subject line of the email should read:

 Submission for novel (or novella, etc.)

For novellas and novels, send the first 3 to 5 chapters as an attachment to your e-mail. In the body of your e-mail include a brief synopsis of your work (150 words or less). DO NOT give away the ending or any major spoilers about the work submitted. We are readers and we want to see your submission through the same eyes as someone who picked up your book for the first time. We do not want to know how your book ends before we begin it.

Please allow 7 to 14 days for us to read your submission and make a decision. If we are interested in your novella or novel, we will ask for the complete manuscript. We are not interested in “works in progress,” so please have a finished manuscript ready to move forward if we should request it. If you do not have your final manuscript ready, then we will move on to the next project.

Submissions that fail to meet these requirements will be discarded without being read. A professional writer is one who follows the rules, so please follow these guidelines closely.

In addition, we don’t always have time to respond personally to each submission. We do when we can, but don’t always expect a response. If we are interested in publishing your work, we will contact you within 3 months of receiving the full manuscript. (We maintain an up-to-date database, however, and you are always free to query us regarding the status of your submission.) Simultaneous submissions to other publishers are acceptable, but you must make us aware of this in your e-mail and keep us apprised of any changes in your submission’s status.

We are looking for original material only and primarily first publication. If you have a self-published submission, we may be interested in re-publishing your work, but only if you still hold full publication rights and copyright. We will also consider out-of-print books if you hold exclusive rights to the material.


Does Nightscape Press pay author advances?

Typically, no. There are cases where the author will be paid an advance, but that is an exception to the norm.


What are Nightscape Press’s standard royalty rates?

Royalty rates will be discussed when an author’s submission is accepted for publication and a contract is offered. Royalties are paid on all sales except author discount copies.


When are royalties paid?

Starting with the fourth month post-publication, authors will receive monthly royalties. Royalties will not be paid until payment is actually received by Nightscape Press. We have to wait for payments from fulfillment companies and retailers before we can pay the author.


Will I receive royalty statements?

Yes, you will receive royalty statements. Statements are sent by e-mail. You will receive royalty statements regardless of sales amounts.


Do I have to pay any fees to have my book published by Nightscape Press?

Authors do not pay Nightscape Press fees for any part of the process. Any publisher that requires fees from the author to publish their work should be avoided.


Who will design the cover artwork for my book?

We use several independent sources for our cover art. Authors, however, are free to submit artwork created by them or for them if they so desire. Final cover selection, however, is left to the discretion of the publisher.


Am I required to purchase copies of my book?


Nightscape Press never requires authors to purchase copies of their book. Upon publication, one free copy is supplied to the author. Subsequent purchases can be made at discounted prices. Discounted prices vary with the quantity ordered. (Royalties, of course, are not paid on discount purchases.) Author pays shipping and handling fees which are determined at time of purchase based on quantities and weight. Payment must be made when the order is placed. Once payment is received, the order will be processed and your books will be shipped. A contract offered to the author upon acceptance of his/her work will detail the cost for author copies.


Will Nightscape Press edit my manuscript?

All books need to go through an editing process. Our staff will never make major changes to your book without prior consent. We will edit your book and send you a marked copy in Word format for your final approval. As stated previously, there are no charges associated with the editing process.


What physical book formats does Nightscape Press publish?

All of our physical book publications will be in trade paperback format. All formatting is done professionally in-house.


How many copies of my book can I expect to sell?

The success of your book is highly dependent upon the author’s efforts. While Nightscape Press will make your book available to the public, promote it on our website, and use a variety of promotional tools to ensure its success, it is also up to the author to promote book sales. Every author should have their own website or social media page. But it’s important for the author to raise awareness, conduct book signings, send out their own review copies (check with us first so you don’t duplicate our own efforts), and promote their book by any means possible.


How is the cover price of my book determined?

Your cover price will depend on several factors including average retail price for books in this genre and the number of pages. Nightscape Press will price books competitively in order to maximize availability and sales.


Who owns the rights to my book?

As author, you own the rights to your work. However, during the contract period with Nightscape Press, you have licensed your book exclusively to us and do not have the right to sell your book to another publisher or self-publish it unless authorized by Nightscape Press. As part of the publishing contract, you grant Nightscape Press the right to print, distribute, promote, and sell your book for a specific length of time, which can be extended or terminated at the end of the contract period.


What is the standard length of your author contract?

Authors are asked to sign a three year-deal with Nightscape Press.

What about an ISBN?

 Nightscape Press provides an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for printed versions of your book. An ISBN is required by all book sales channels and bookstores to track and order your books. Once again, Nightscape Press covers the cost involved in this process. If, however, you request a withdrawal of your book from our library, you will need a new ISBN if you publish elsewhere. (ISBN’s are not issued for works published exclusively on our web site.)


What if I get an offer from another publisher?

Once the initial period of your publishing contract ends, you are free to enter into any other agreements with whomever you wish. However, other publishers may ask you to sever your agreement with Nightscape Press and grant them exclusive rights. This can only be done once you have fulfilled your obligations under the contract with Nightscape Press. If you have an offer from another publisher, that company may offer a quit claim buy-out to Nightscape Press to receive the rights to your work. We will consider any such offer and always strive to achieve the maximum benefit for our authors. We spend a considerable amount of time and money getting your book into print, commissioning cover artwork, and getting your book into the sales system and book catalogs. A fair return on our investment is all we seek.

Nightscape Press makes no guarantee that the above statements are up-to-date. While we make every effort to update this information on a regular basis, we ask that you please contact us at to verify any of these statements or any other questions you may have.